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"Scorned" Divorcee Touts Husband's Affair on For-Sale Sign

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Here's an Oregon real estate for-sale sign that reads, "Husband Left Us For a 22 Year for sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single Owner. We Loved This Home. You Will, too. Adulterers need not apply." It's pretty obvious what happened here, but homeowner Elle Zober says she's not trying to enact revenge on her ex-husband. In fact, she told Fox 12 Oregon that she "just thought it was truth in advertising. I wanted people to know that was a family home, and it was well loved and it was well taken care of, and I want some other family who's going to love it and take care of it to move in."

Now such marketing tactics have gone viral, and the always-entrepreneurial Zober is trying to sell both her three-bedroom house ($189,940—not exactly a casualty of the world's priciest divorces) and magnet versions of this sign ($5 each). What does her ex-husband think? "As long as it sells the house, we're good." Watch the local news coverage over here.

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