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Inside This Year's House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

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Photos courtesy of House Beautiful; click to expand!

This week House Beautiful unveiled its annual Kitchen of the Year in Rockefeller Center and despite the 95-plus-degree temps in Manhattan the place is still standing, and will do so until Friday. "Kitchens can get very complicated," said Chicago-based Mick De Giulio, who designed the 1,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor space. "I wanted to keep this simple and classic. It's also a little bit glamorous." Read: polished-nickel pendants, a "jewel box" of a butler's pantry with a Venetian-plastered cove ceiling, a navy sink designed by Jonathan Adler for Kohler, open shelving, glittery cabinet knobs, and a custom oak table surrounded by mismatched chairs. Do have a look above.

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