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One of America's Original "Green" Houses, on The Sea Ranch

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Location: Sea Ranch, Calif.
Price: $1,200,000
The Skinny: Established in 1963 by architect Al Boeke as a development that would preserve the area's natural beauty, Sea Ranch became a mecca for the first wave of "green" building in the United States. Architects Charles Moore, Joseph Esherick, William Turnbull, Jr., Donlyn Lyndon, Richard Whitaker and landscape architect Lawrence Halprin were all recruited to outfit the property, with Halprin penning the master plan and the others contributing to what would later become known as the "Third Bay Tradition," a style that melds modern and vernacular architecture. This house, erected in 1972, is of that style, with a low profile and sod-covered roof that allow it to nearly blend into the surrounding hillside. Listed for $1.2M, the 3,000-square-foot cottage has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a two-bay garage, courtyard, and well-kept interiors with exposed beams and fieldstone fireplaces.
· 39331 Pacific Reach [Liisberg & Kalinoski]