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Pot Island PriceChopped; a Billionaire's Address For Millions

BRANFORD, CONN.—A Coldwell rep writes in to share the shiny new pricetag of Connecticut's tony Pot Island and its 11-bedroom, 6,300-square-foot estate: $2.595M, down from its April ask of $2.85M. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

THE INTERNET—AOL Real Estate has a market piece on the rising quantity of single-family rentals, a burgeoning trend thanks to the millions impacted by foreclosure. By some estimates, this "new class of American renters" totals 1.75M people. [AOL Real Estate]

SAN FRANCISCO—A four-bedroom Willis Polk-designed home that once asked $25M has sold for $17M, still ringing in as San Francisco's second most expensive sale of the year so far. Let's hope the new buyer's new neighbors look kindly upon discount shoppers: the property is located on Billionaire's Row. [Curbed SF]