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Watch a Parking Space Transform Into a House and Back

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Today in mindblowing: one San Francisco-based designer has conceived of a parking space that converts into a house. Aaron Cheng submitted Housing + Parking in the James Dyson Awards this year, envisioning a structure that functions as a daytime carport, of sorts, for those commuting into the city and a nighttime residence for those returning home after the workday.

All philosophical issues with urban overcrowding aside, there's no denying some obvious issues with Cheng's proposal. For one, this isn't a world where coordinating work schedules with, say, strangers would ever yield happy results. And secondly, furniture in the residential half of the equation is modular at best, thanks to what Co.Design calls a "bedroom that expands and compresses with the help of pneumatics." The idea of "[using] an air mattress or simply sleep[ing] on the floor,” as Cheng suggests? Fat chance, good sir! Can't fault the kid for having a little imagination, though: watch the truly astounding video below.

The Video:

· Parking Spaces That Convert to Housing: Crazy or Smart? [Co.Design]