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Hottest Week 2012: Now Accepting Nominations For Smokin' Hot Architects, Interior Designers, and Decorators!

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In many parts of the country, the summer heat is on with a vengeance, so what better time to spread word of Curbed's second annual Hottest Week? As you might recall from last year, this is when Curbed National pits hot (sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, spectacular, alluring, model-esque, and so on) architects, interior designers, and decorators against each other, tournament-style, to determine once and for all who's the hottest of the hot.

While it's arguable Curbed editors are excellent, objective judges of outer beauty, Curbed readers are just as savvy. The tipline is from henceforth open, so please send along pitches and headshots. Nominations are due by 9pm EST on Thursday, July 26, at which point they'll be sorted, assessed, and safely locked in an underground bunker until the contest kicks off in early August. Nominate yourself if you wish—hey, no judgements!—because nominators be will be kept confidential.

Background illustration: N.Réka/Shutterstock. Male illustration: MANSILIYA YURY/Shutterstock