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Texas "Breastaurateur" Buys Whole Town, Renames it Bikinis

Sure, there have been many towns for sale lately, but none will ever have the good fortune of Bankersmith, Texas. Located between Fredricksburg and Luckenbach in a region few have dared step foot in, Bankersmith has been purchased and renamed "Bikinis" by Doug Holler, owner of the Austin-based chain Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill. "We want it to be a big playground," Guller, the self-appointed mayor, told Eater Austin, laying out his plans for "a lot of fun elements," the Bikinis Bill Of Rights, and the Bikinis Declaration of Independence. Right this way for the full interview.

· Mayor Doug Guller Lays Out His Plans for Bikinis, TX [Eater Austin via Eater National]