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Cisco Systems Big Wig Lists Utterly Uninspiring Mansion

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John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc., is asking $14.8M for his newly listed mansion in the Los Altos Hills of Silicon Valley. It is not the ample price or the square footage—8,280 square feet, to be exact—that raises eyebrows here, it is the utter lack of anything that might raise an eyebrow. From the ho-hum entryway, to the beige interiors, to the sad furnishings, this place looks like it was built for the 1990s and became dated very quickly. If the house has fallen out of fashion, at least the amenities keep pace with the price, as there's a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and tennis court, but it's the six acres of prime land that have this place asking close to $15M.
· Cisco CEO Selling Los Altos Hills Mega House For $14.8M [Curbed SF]