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Summer Book Sale at MoMA Design Store; Gurney Chopped

THE INTERNET—Here's some random, useless stuff to cram into your brain: 158,783,167 Legos would be needed to build the White House; 5,291,371,370, the Empire State Building; and 2,653,242,968, the Palace of Versailles. Thanks to Buzz Feed for taking Movoto's awesome new Lego widget to an entirely new level. [Buzz Feed; Movoto]

THE INTERNET—Dust off those coffee tables: MoMA Design Store's summer book sale kicks off Thursday. Expect markdowns of up to 65 percent on art, architecture, and design books. [CurbedWire Inbox]

BETHESDA, MD.—A Robert Gurney design that's gotten a lot of attention for its glassy, modernist personality—nay, elevator and GoodYear logo on one of the walls!—has been PriceChopped to $6.49M. The 10,000-square-foot home hit the market for $500K more some seven months ago. [Curbed DC]