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Homes (and Love) Lost in the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Split

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Actress Katie Holmes, apparently at her wits end over her husband's adherence to Scientology, announced she would be divorcing Tom Cruise this weekend, after five years of marriage. The fabulously wealthy couple jointly own a bevy of pricey properties, but Holmes decided to chart a new course by renting a unit at the Chelsea Mercantile on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan. The exact unit is unclear, but three units were leased there this month. (The two-bedroom one above went for almost $9,000 per month.) The reason? Well, a host of gossip and news outlets are reporting that Holmes was frightened that Cruise or Scientologists or both would try to kidnap her daughter, Suri, and send her off to the religion's highly secretive Sea Organization. While that sounds totally creepy—and was, perhaps, totally validated by the sighting of an SUV load of toughs hanging around outside her new home—we're more concerned, of course, with what is going to happen to the couple's collection of trophy properties.

? The TomKat home base is was this sprawling stone estate in Beverly Hills, purchased by the couple in 2008 for a jaw-dropping $35M. The estate, which boasts a private tennis court, hosted a housewarming party with no fewer than 250 guests—including stars like Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Toby Maguire, Eva Longoria, Kimora Lee, and Kyra Sedgwick—and a full orchestra for musical accompaniment. Details on the huge house are sketchy, but chances are Holmes won't be getting to call it home for much longer.

? This is the house that Katie Holmes and Suri will most likely end up occupying in the wake of the divorce, a mansion in Montecito, Calif. The house was built on three acres of land that the couple purchased from resurgent TV star Rob Lowe for $3.5M. No word on how much TomKat spent erecting the rather generic mansion, but compared to Tom's Beverly Hills digs, it is assuredly chump change. UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter better acquainted with the happenings in Montecito, we now know that the home originally pictured here was Lowe's own mansion. Tom and Katie owned another mansion nearby, which can be seen here. This, and not the pictured property, is the house Katie Holmes is rumored to have hung onto after the split.

? Tom and Katie own a palatial penthouse at NYC's American Felt Building, where novelist Bret Easton Ellis keeps a small pied-a-terre. The penthouse might be heading Tom's way in the divorce, as Katie has sought refuge in another Manhattan property. The East Village property is low-key compared to some of the couple's other homes, but the sheer size makes it notable.

? The couple also acquired some property abroad, including this house in Sussex, England, near the Church of Scientology's U.K. headquarters. Reportedly worth around $4.7M, the ugly brick mansion will probably be of little interest to the Scientology-averse Holmes. It was reportedly purchased on the advice of the Church's current leader, David Miscavige, who also served as Cruise's best man.

? Further expanding TomKat's global reach was this lakefront mansion on Lake Como. Previously owned by fellow A-lister George Clooney, the house was in shoddy condition when it was purchased by Cruise in 2006 for $6.9M. Cruise initiated a restoration that was still ongoing at the time of his 2007 marriage to Holmes in Italy.

? One multimillion-dollar pad that Katie may not get in the divorce is the couple's Telluride, Colo. vacation home. Purchased for $30M, the 13,000-square-foot manse reportedly had a "bunker" added to it, at an additional cost of $10M. With Katie set to receive $15M plus (very substantial) child support, it seems unlikely she'll be calling this log mansion home post-Tom.

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