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Even Mies van der Rohe Can't Avoid Foreclosure Auctions

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You win some and you lose some, right? The adage is no different for the late German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, whose oeuvre ranges from work so utterly impressive that it's been eternalized not only by preservationists but also by Lego and, on the flip side, work that's got a hot date with the a really cheap destiny. Curbed Detroit reports that two Mies-designed residential towers in Lafayette Park—where the architect helped initiate the country's first urban-renewal project in the very late '50s and early '60s—will head to the foreclosure auction block later this month.

Up for grabs: 584 units over two 22-story towers—not to be confused with Mies' quite nice-sounding two-story townhouses, also located in Lafayette Park. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has set the repair escrow at $10M, which means the buyer will have to shell out that much green to fix the buildings' many, many problems within 18 months of purchase. Curbed Detroit obsessed over the 80-page HUD document; do read on.

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