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Man Pays Off Mortgage With 62,000 (800 Pounds of) Pennies

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A Massachusetts man recently celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary by paying off his mortgage entirely in pennies. Sure, why not? With so many weird ways to get out of paying the mortgage these days, this is actually a nice change of pace.

According to The Milford Daily News, Thomas Daigle picked up the "hobby" of collecting a couple of pennies a day when he and his wife bought their home 35 years ago, rolling them into tubes of 50 and stashing them in "a pair of steel military rocket launcher ammo boxes." By the time he carted all those pennies to the bank in April, the two boxes combined weighed more than 800 pounds.

Daigle recently told Bloomberg Business Week that such an endeavor became "a pretty extensive ongoing joke" with his wife. "After we signed our mortgage, when we were on our way home, I found a penny on the ground," he said. "I told my wife, 'A penny toward our mortgage.' She laughed. I told her we were going to pay our final mortgage payment in pennies, and she didn’t believe me."

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