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Now Even Architectural Scalies Show Off Their Bikini Bodies

Here's a look at Loop Shower, an outdoor/indoor hamster wheel shower from the Italy-based firm Granese Architecture and Design Studio. Freshome has some elegant bon mots about the contraption:
"[It] imagines a world where relaxation and invigoration go hand in hand. Captured in between the futuristic hollow sphere design, six horizontal streams and an overhead rain shower ensure a luxuriant showering experience. This new Italian product comes with an interesting lighting system that adds an extra dimension to a daily activity. [...] This sculptural design is perfectly adapted for modern outdoor spaces—complete it with a fantastic view and you have your favorite summer water feature at your disposal." Pardon, what was that? Got distracted for a sec by the scalie's thong. That said, she wouldn't be the first fake little person to strip down for architectural renderings.

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