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One of Boston's Priciest Rentals; a Listing With a Job; More!

BOSTON—A newly listed three-bedroom apartment rises immediately to the top of the pile as one of Boston's priciest rentals. How pricey, you ask? Oh, just $16,750-a-month pricey. No biggie. [Cubed Boston]

MERCER ISLAND, WASH.—Curbed Seattle notices a five-bedroom home on offer for $4.75M, and its 4.25-acre lot happens to come with a shiny caboose. According to the brokerbabble, the buyer is "to act as steward for property including pioneer cottage & renovated caboose!" Careful what you sign up for, folks: don't wanna be tagged as "hired help" in this pristine, monied billionaires' enclave. [Curbed Seattle]

NYC—Another crazy promo video from the guys at Curbed NY, this time a $50K production that includes a flamethrower and a roof deck that looks like Manhattan's High Line. Can't anyone sell $8.95M apartments the old-fashioned way anymore? [Curbed NY]