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The Rapper Common Not Foreclosed; Sputnik House

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CHICAGO—Common, along with his manager, owes $345,389.52 on an "investment property." Despite Bank of America filing legal documents, the rapper's manager maintains that the property has not been foreclosed on and the issue will be resolved next month. [Chicago Sun-Times via AOL Real Estate]

BROOKLYN—A real estate broker and 18-year-old has created a one-woman play called "Black Girl You've Been Gentrified." It's about the neighborhood of Fort Greene's transformation. Her advice to homebuyers in the 'hood? "Get to know the neighbors, participate. That's what makes Brooklyn unique. Unlikely neighbors can be friends." [The Local via Curbed NY]

EVERYWHERE—Edward Barber, who designed this year's Olympic torch, has a background relevant to the Curbediverse: he studied interior design and earned a masters of architecture degree at The Royal College of Art. [Leeds Met]

HOUSTON—Houston's very own "Sputnik House," named so for the custom light fixture hanging over the porch, has just been listed for $192,500. The light fixture, which resembles the satellite, is still in place. [Swamplot]