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A Peek at the Anti-Trump Documentary You've Been Trumped

Donald Trump's plans to open a golf course in Scotland were not terribly well recieved by the locals, and the trials and tribulations of their protests are recorded in a new documentary, You've Been Trumped. While Trump ended up getting his way—the course opened in July—he sure comes off looking like a less than sympathetic character in the trailer. Local residents and environmental groups rallied together in an attempt to defeat Trump's plans, but he managed to weather the storm and proceed with his plan to build a 450-room hotel, no fewer than 1,500 luxury homes in the countryside nearby, and a clubhouse that's been slammed—i.e. called "as artificial as Trump's toupee"—by Britain's architectural press. A clash of civilizations, and personalities, You've Been Trumped is set to hit American theaters on August 3rd. Watch the trailer below.

The Video:

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