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Behold Texas' Utterly Mindboggling Purple People Eater

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Texas: the land where time stands still? Why, yes! If the owners of this Houston property had anything to say about it, shoulder pads would still be all the rage and Tom Cruise circa the Cocktail years would be working that bar above. Some dry stats: the lakefront home, listed for $2.2M, has four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and a "$100k theatre-Ideal for discriminating lifestyle," according to the brokerbabble. (So true, so true.) And let's not overlook the purple ceilings, purple dining chairs, purple barstools, purple baseboards, purple switch plates, purple banisters, purple door frames, purple armrests, purple speakers, and purple Adirondack chairs on the deck. If nothing else, this place really ups one's expectations of 1980s interior design and serves as a fine Southern companion to Manhattan's mirrored-ceilinged time machine. Above, feast.

· 158 Sandy Cove, Nassau Bay, Texas [HAR via Swamplot]