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A Massive Lakeside Manse at the Tippity-Top of Georgia

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Welcome to House Porn Thurs, a joint effort between Curbed National and AOL Real Estate to provide distraction from the slog of an almost-finished work week with some lavish listings and over-the-top interiors. Have a suggestion for a worthy contender? Tweet #housepornthurs to @Curbed.

With nearly every surface clad in wood or stone and nearly every ceiling vaulted, it doesn't get much porn-errific than this 9,090-square-foot Georgia manse, which is perched every so idyllically on Lake Burton in the Chattahoochee National Forest. The shingle-style six-bedroom, which just hit the market for $7.995M, was built in 2006 and has interior finishes that may be too intense for most—have a gander at that den with the metal ceiling!—but some of the spaces, including a lighter-wood bath and outdoor lounge areas and bars, really do shine. Hopeless romantics, take heed: the brokerbabble proclaims "this is THE one." It's also "[a]rguably Lake Burton's most exlusive residence," but given that the town of Tiger has just a hair more than 300 people, it's not \apparent what exactly the competition might be.

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· 50 Morgan Point Lane, Tiger, Ga. [Zillow]