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The Design World's Best Reactions to the Opening Ceremony

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The Olympic Opening Ceremony was a $42M production with all the excitement one might expect from anything that costs, well, $42M: a famous movie director! A mystery woman! More than 9.6M Twitter mentions!

Unlike the last Opening Ceremony—in which China staged an utterly mind-blowing spectacular of engineering, precision, and pyrotechnics that may never again be matched—Danny Boyle's take was narrative and folklorish at its core, touching upon distinctly UK subjects such as the National Health Service, Mary Poppins, and the Industrial Revolution. Over on The Telegraph, political commentator Iain Martin puts it simply: "The Olympic Opening Ceremony started well and then got creepy." (Perhaps he's referring to that giant fiberglass baby?) Anyway, reviews are mixed. Above, folks from all facets of the design community—including Paul Goldberger, Rita Konig, and The Novogratz—weigh in.