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Here's What Happens When Architects Become Hairdressers

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You've seen what transpires when architects design holiday gifts, makeshift Halloween costumes, and, say, Fabergé eggs, but have you ever seen what happens when architects do hair? Not until now! Recently Portuguese architects at the Berlin-based firm FAHR 021.3 created some, uh, FAHR-out looks for a hair stylist who "challenged different professionals to design a haircut line," according to Design Boom. The 'dos, inspired by the city of Guimarães in northern Portugal as well as architecture and fashion from the '60s and '70s, "play with the extension of the face, developing borders with acute angles. [...] The cut is defined by a demonstration of the continuous line, which is an important part of the overall design." Best of all, they look totally frizz-proof. More coiffure adventures right this way.

· hairchitecture by FAHR 021.3 + GIJO [Design Boom via Laughing Squid]