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Watch an Olympian Dive Off the World's Tallest Building

As the tallest manmade structure in the world, Dubai's Burj Khalifa is no stranger to capturing people's attention: last year, human "spiderman" Alain Robert famously scaled it and now Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and China are embroiled an eternal deathmatch as to who will outbuild it first.

So given the Burj Khalifa's preternatural power, it's no surprise that the 2,723-foot-tall tower starred in a Visa commercial that debuted during the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night. In the 45-second, highly computer-generated and special-effects-laden spot, David Boudia jumps off it—or appears to, that is. According to Visa, the American diver "makes over 25,000 practice dives a year; which is like diving off the tallest building in the world over 180 times." Highly unlikely, of course, but this is a fun one to watch:

The Video:

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