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Triplex Manhattan Penthouse Asks Mind-Numbing $100M

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Today in real estate that may smash records: the 8,000-square-foot triplex penthouse at NYC's City Spire has been listed for a jaw-dropping, nay, jaw-unhinging $100M. Sure, two huge mansions in Beverly Hills are each asking $50M more, but New York is no stranger to trying to woo deep-pocketed buyers—there's a mansion asking $90M on the Upper East Side, after all—and it seems that's the target market this time around, too.

The price is astonishing, sure, but overall this isn't the best-looking penthouse Curbed has looked at lately. For one, despite the brokerbabble—"beautiful inlaid marble floors, elegant columns [...] ornate crown moldings and coffered ceilings"—the interiors are simply not up to the standard of those at the prestigious 15 Central Park West, nor are they as glitzy as those in One 57, an in-progress tower whose in-progress penthouse has already sold for north of $90M in the city's biggest-ever deal. Therefore, the City Spire penthouse might require a gut renovation to suit a buyer at this price point. Second, the midtown Manhattan location—73 floors above West 56th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues—may seem perfectly situated for tourists, but that locale is hardly a charming place to call home. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the building was built in 1987, and thus lacks both the construction standards of the pre-war classics and the whiz-bang technology of its up-to-date competition. Plus, the current owner, developer Steven Klar, paid just $4.5M for the place back in 1993 when it was still raw space. Still, the place is certainly worth many, many millions. Not convinced? Check out the floor plans at Curbed NY.
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