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Martha's Vineyard Compound Hits The Market Asking $92M!

What/Where: 266 acres in West Tisbury
Asking Price: $92M. Just to be clear, that's in U.S. dollars.
The Skinny: Lately, there's been a lot of talk regarding super-sized houses on the Vineyard, a third-rail issue that "inflames passions" on both sides. Those who don't think bigger-is-better are attempting to get town planning boards to restrict large houses:

If you can see the extravaganza Mr. Big Bucks built, then it isn't in the community's interest, it really is destructive. If he wants a house like that he should pack up his belongings and go to the Hamptons. Maybe Palm Beach would be better.Well, if Mr. Big Bucks isn't a Hamptons or Palm Beach type, completely understandable, a solution has just come on the market in West Tisbury. With 266 acres, including 1,100 feet of "private, pristine Atlantic beachfront," Big Homer's Pond (we'd have to change the name) and bordering a 510 acre preserve, Mr. Big Bucks can build an extravaganza the size of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad without having to head to the Hamptons or pack for Palm Beach. The property is being marketed to both American and foreign billionaires, "particularly Chinese buyers." No doubt there's a privacy-seeker in the bunch who will tap the Caymans account or apply for the Zuckerberg special and get to building something that will keep us chattering for years to come. Here's hoping.

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