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The 10 Best Remarks About Indiana's Most Confusing Manse

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Yesterday's ultra-insane megamansion—you know, the 23,000-square-foot Indiana property with Stormtrooper statues, jester-themed velour chairs, purple carpeting, antique weaponry, granite columns, animal pelts, a multi-colored kitchen, and somehow only four bedrooms—drummed up quite a reaction from Curbed commenters. Here now, the 10 best:

10. "would hate to be the unfortunate person who is at the urinal when one of those weapons fell...."

9. "Bad enough having ONE urinal in in a private home ... but TWO? Doesn't this clown understand the concept of 'Powder Room'?"

8. "Just because he's gay and likes Barbara Streisand doesn't mean you should hire an 11 year old decorator."

7. "no gay person of any age could be responsible for this atrocity. this required the mentality of a straight man with way more money than taste"

6. "Just because your cleaning lady subscribes to Architectural Digest doesn't mean you should let her handle your interior decorating jobs."

5. "Looks like the home of a Greek drug lord, or of a Sicilan who made a fortune hauling trash, (some of which he repurposed in this gaudy pile)."

4. "Love the grounds. Like the pool. Bulldoze the house."

3. "top 5 reasons to preserve this house:

5. Shows that more and more money is not the answer.
4. Great argument for Fibonacci proportions.
3. Medieval weaponry kind of matches brass-plated Crapper valves of urinals.
2. Gym is awesome!

1. Let's face it: with dim lighting, half drunk, it's probably not much worse than most of the other stuff on here." 2. "It looks like the house from Scarface... Say ello' to my lil' friend!"

1. "The white marble that covers most of the walls is gorgeous. This fellow is obviously a man of great sophistication."

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