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Here's a $10M Mansion With "the Ugliest Damn Sofa Ever"

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Hats off to the tipster who passed on this listing, a Beverly Hills gem asking $10M, for he seems to find the good in everything. Sure, the media room is "ugly as hell" and "ruins the whole place," but he finds many other silver linings; for instance, the lair might host "Liberace's slumber parties" and/or allow people to "eat spaghetti with marinara and not worrying about spilling on the couch." Additionally, "the cast of a porn film can get together to watch their work and if it inspires them to recreate it the sofa makes an ideal location." In any event, the red crushed-velvet couch is a standout in an an otherwise subdued 7,294-square-foot mansion—save for that dining chair upholstery, perhaps. Have a look above.

· 2300 Kimbridge Road, Beverly Hills, Calif. [Estately]