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Watch a Rap Video About a $1M Gold Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeping—uh—the Internet this week is Go Vacuum, a 24-carat gold vacuum cleaner that costs $1M $999,999. (It's a dollar off, not that it matters: "[T]he status and exclusivity of owning a vacuum like this can't be measured in dollar and cents," a brand rep told the Daily Mail.)

Anyway, obviously a limited-edition, engravable household-cleaning object that's "designed for the select few who simply can" and targeted toward "the type of discerning person who has a yacht in the ocean and a rare exotic car in your garage alongside your private jet" deserves its own rap video. Below: "Go Vacuum's one million dollar, is gonna make ya holla" And: "It's 24 karat—man, I wanna marry it." Watch here:

The Video:

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