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H&M Launches a Home Line for Kids; Zsa Zsa's Place on Film

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EVERYWHERE—Well, maybe not everywhere as this stuff is only available to shoppers in Europe and Scandinavia, but H&M is launching a home line for kids. Bears—in bedding, throw pillows, and stuffed animals—appears to be a prominent motif. [Apartment Therapy]

NYCArchitectural Digest has named Jeffrey Slonim a contributing editor. The former New York Daily News and New York Post columnist has been writing "The Inquistive Guest" blog on the newly relaunched Arch Digest website. [Editor at Large]

BEL AIR, CALIF.—The kooky home of the kooky nonagenarian Zsa Zsa Gabor has been on the market for a while, and soon it'll have its moment on the silver screen: Steven Soderbergh will use the location for at least 23 days to film Behind the Candelabra, an HBO production about Liberace. Matt Damon and Michael Douglas will star. [TMZ; previously]