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Here Now, the Real-Life Property Values From "Monopoly"

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All too often real estate facts and figures are cut and dry, a series of numbers without so much as a dapper little cartoon man telling you to collect $200. Not today! Using a Monopoly board, the guys at Movoto Blog compare today's property values on the Atlantic City, N.J. streets featured in the game—Marvin Gardens, Tennessee Ave., Pacific Ave., Boardwalk, and so on—to what they were worth when Monopoly came out in the 1930s. Some 80 years later, the once-prestigious Park Place has been turned into a casino and Baltic Avenue—one of the dreaded purple-colored cards—isn't anything to scoff at. Find the enlarged infographic below.

(Editor's note: for the sake of brevity—or drama! and intrigue!—Movoto lopped off two zeroes from the current values on the board. Oriental Avenue's $2,800, for example, means homes are selling for $280,000. A "???" means there are no homes for sale on that street.)

· Real World Monopology: Marvin Gardens is the New Boardwalk [Movoto]