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The Postcard-Ready Trapper Peak Ranch, Chopped By $3M

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Location: Darby, Montana
Price: $11,500,000
The Skinny: As the brokerbabble has it, the Trapper Peak Ranch is "put simply... a postcard ranch." While there's little sense in arguing that, given the picturesque red clapboard outbuildings, rolling fields, and distant views of snow-capped mountains, it is important to note that the beauty of the surrounding country has not been enough to get this pricey patch of Montana sold. First listed in 2010 for $14.5M, the ranch has recently been price chopped, all the way down to $11.5M. That sum buys 785 acres, a 6,000-square-foot log cabin of a main house completed in 2007, a farmhouse built in 1982, a three-bed manager's house, a bunk house with space for "two or three families," a ten-stall horse barn, a dining pavilion adjacent to the swimming pool, a fishing cabin, shop, and a recently-built and highly remote log cabin for camping. Of course, that laundry list of improvements is in addition to the structures that service the working ranch, including "hay barns, calving sheds, horse shelters, extensive working corrals, and horse-training arenas." At last check, the property belonged to a pair of San Francisco-based venture capitalists, Douglass Smith and Sandra Lloyd, who are also well-known patrons of the arts.
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