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A Shark Puts On A Show At Nauset Beach, But Don't Worry

A third great white shark was spotted over the weekend. You may recall the two great white's that were picked up via scientific contraption a few weeks ago and the one seen by a shark spotter pilot (that's an actual job) and photographer last week. The latest sighting occurred on Saturday at Nauset Beach in Orleans. While paddling 100-150 yards offshore, a first-time kayaker was notified by a nearby surfer that he being was being trailed by a shark. Is there a universal hand signal for that?

Lifeguards soon asked the "more than 3,000 swimmers" to get out of the water. Were there really that many folks in the water or is that a typo? This is Cape Cod, not Coney Island. Anyway, according to Harbormaster Dawson Farber (Soap Opera name alert!),"Everyone was very relaxed and the shark put on quite a show moving back and forth out in front of the beach, but it was done in a very orderly fashion." That "everyone" probably didn't include the kayaker, although he made it to shore unscathed.

Meanwhile, a kayaker in Santa Cruz, CA had his own close encounter of the great white shark kind over the weekend. "His boat was lifted up by a 14-18 foot shark. The boater was then kicked out of the boat and the shark bit the kayak." But don't worry, the sharks are just here for the seals.

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