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Luis Barragán's Famed Cuadra San Cristóbal Hits the Market

Last March, Curbed featured a spectacular Los Angeles home with a fountain designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Luis Barragán. The home, which was renovated in a style reminiscent of Barragán by L.A. architect Tim Campbell, sold after a series of PriceChops for $4.8M last month.

But all hope is not lost! One of Barragán's Mexico City masterpieces has just hit the market for $10€ ($12.3M): the Cuadra San Cristóbal equestrian estate. Completed in 1968, the 7.5-acre property has a four-bedroom main house, a staff apartment, and two pools: one for people and another (apparently) for horses.

Looking past the traditional rugs and upholstery shown in the few interior listing photos, it's easy to spot the two key Barragán trademarks: angular, colorful volumes and unabashed use of outdoor space. It's in the lovey-dovey brokerbabble that this place really shines, however: Cuadra San Cristóbal "is a triumph of geometry, and displays the power of earthen tones, and the genius of simplicity." Additionally:
"There is a fluidity that is embraced and promoted within the design, the bold idea that minimalist geometric lines can be curbed by the imagination, or softened with the use of color and texture¬—not restricted by generic building materials, but harnessing the power of the elements water and earth. A spectacular space, an unmatched architectural lineage." · Cuadra San Cristobal [Christie's International Real Estate via WSJ]