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Entire Ghost Town of Woodside, Utah, Listed For Sale

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Add Woodside, Utah to the ever-growing list of municipalities for sale: the abandoned town is up for grabs for $3.9M. According to AOL Real Estate, the land contains a post office, service station, geyser (that once worked but has since clogged by vandals), and two donkeys. But just because that doesn't exactly sound like the stuff of dreams doesn't mean it's without folklore: Butch Cassidy is believed to hang out near Woodside, and, as the real estate agent points out, "You can be the sheriff, the judge and executioner of your own town. You can be mayor. You can be whatever you wanted. It would be amazing." With one Texas "breastaurateur" loose on a town-buying spree, just think of the possibilities!

· Woodside, Utah, a Wild West Ghost Town With a Geyser, on Sale for $3.9 Million [AOL Real Estate]