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Inside Michael Smith's Duplex Penthouse Pied-à-Terre

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Photos by Björn Wallander/Architectural Digest; click to make big!

Another day, another Michael Smith home: this time, the interior designer to Obama, the Oscar Greenroom, and Rupert Murdoch opens the doors of his own Manhattan apartment to Architectural Digest. The magazine calls the place a pied-à-terre, but in this world that translates to a duplex Madison Avenue penthouse, a "consummately old-world aerie" offering “city views that unfold gently, on four sides, with townhouse rooftops in the foreground and glass towers in the distance.” You know, just a crash pad!

Much like Smith's permanent home in Los Angeles, the NYC penthouse is eclectically done up with things like a "Madame de Pompadour meets Jeff Koons" Aubusson, distressed mirrors, a fern painting that "evokes the botanical drawings of the late 18th century," Louis furnishings, and so on. Or more eloquently: "West Coast nonchalance, East Coast intensity, and Continental finesse with a patina of irreverence—the man and his work are of a piece." Have a look above.

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