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When the Carriage House Costs More than the Mansion

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Location: Camden, Maine
Price: $4,795,000
The Skinny: Once part of the "iconic Norumbega estate," built by telegraph innovator Joseph Stearns in the 1880s, this stone carriage house has now surpassed the castle-like main house it once served, at least in price. While the Norumbega castle was listed, and sold, last year for around $1.8M, the carriage house remains on the market for a whopping $4.795M. So what might explain this drastic difference in price? Well, it's not the lot, which is less than half the size of the castle's, nor is it the interior space, which measures 5,600 square feet to 10,330 in the castle. The carriage house also has fewer bedrooms, five rather than 12, and bathrooms, five instead of 14. What is different is that this place underwent an extensive renovation in 2010, while the castle, which once served as an inn, had plenty of Victorian charm but not a lot of modern innovation or efficiency. Still, it will be difficult to explain away a $3M difference in price.
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