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Decoded: The Nation's Most 'Glamorous' Listings

Welcome back to The Brokerbabble Glossary, where Curbed takes a word or phrase that shows up repeatedly in listings and deciphers its true meaning. Ideas? Hit up the tipline.

This master bath simply oozes glamour. The glamour is palpable, from the way that the non-existent light doesn't catch anything, to the way that the tub is really small, to the way that the door...has a doorknob? Really, it's difficult to say what possessed the broker to describe this bathroom as glamorous. Maybe he just needed something to balance out another brokerbabble claim: "Recent FEMA change in flood maps, shows as a flood related area."

Sure, it's easy to admire the honesty, but “basically all one room” is probably the least enticing way there is to describe an open floorplan. And seriously, what is with the rampant abbreviating? This house has been on the market for two whole days now, so there was probably sufficient time to type out "living room." "Wd flrs" sounds like how you would say "wood floors" if you got stung in the face by a swarm of bees.

How glamorous could a floor really be if you're not even going to say what kind of wood it's made out of? On the glamour scale, the fact that it came from a tree and is covered with some sort of varnish is not that notable.

Tell it to quiet down. People are trying to sleep.
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