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Take a Tour of President Obama's College-Era Apartment

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Earlier this summer, word hit that President Obama's college-era Manhattan apartment had been listed for $2,400 a month—an obvious jump from the $360 a month Obama paid in 1981 and considerably more, even, than what the unit wanted two years ago.

All glorified brokerbabble aside— "Who knows, you just might end up in the White House one day"—this apartment, where Obama lived as a Columbia student, is just like any other crappy Manhattan walkup, complete with a galley kitchen, a seven-by-nine-foot bedroom, a buzzer that didn't work, and five locks on the door. "If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't live in that apartment," his former roommate recently told AOL Real Estate, who got a look inside. "I think we were kind of green when we chose that apartment. If we had more time to find another apartment, we probably would have found someplace else." Watch the video tour below.

The Video:

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