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NYC's Second $95M Listing in a Week Banks on Park Views

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Last week was a big week for big listings in NYC, kicking off on Wednesday with steel magnate Leroy Schecter's listing a pair of apartments—one of which was once rented by A-Rod—at the vaunted 15 Central Park West for $95M. And that was just a couple weeks after the City Spire penthouse was hauled onto the market for a cool $100M. Then, on Friday, another rich seller wanted in on the near-nine-figure action, listing the penthouse at 50 Central Park South, better known as the Ritz Carlton Hotel, for the same $95M. The 5,100-square-foot apartment boasts a 60-foot-wide terrace facing the park and a glass-roofed solarium and is the product of a none-too-impressive $7M renovation. The owner paid just under $20M for the place prior to renovation, so he or she must be hoping the market alone—or at least one foreign buyer with too much cash—is enough to justify the price.
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