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Taylor Swift Drops $4.9M on Cape Cod 'Kennedy Compound'

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Taylor Swift has taken a break from releasing smash-hit breakup anthems do continue on with her far-extending real estate spree: the singer bought in Nashville about a year ago and in Beverly Hills in April 2011. Now Swift adds Cape Cod to the mix: she's reportedly scooped up a seven-bedroom Hyannisport, Mass., beach house for $4.9M.

Located on the same private road as Ethel Kennedy's compound, the 1928 manse has for years belonged to the Coleman family, who had been trying to unload the place for a while—not without touting their famous neighbors in the brokerbabble, of course. An almost-yet-not-quite Kennedy connection only goes so far, though, and after hitting the market for $13.5M in 2010, the property was PriceChopped it to a massive degree—by Aug. 2011, the waterfront spread had plunged to $6.35M. Swift may have struck gold not only by scoring a deal but also by scoring in the love department: she's currently dating Conor Kennedy, Ethel's grandson. Someone bring in Nicholas Sparks stat to turn this convenient new summer setup into a book! Anyway, have a look above.

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