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Baffling Manse Takes 'What Happens in Vegas' to New Heights

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Behold now the Hartland Mansion, the largest private home ever built in Las Vegas. First constructed in the 1940s, the place burned down in the early 1980s, endured a seven-year rebuilding/renovation, and went on to film the 1995 De Niro flick Casino and host lavish hosting weddings, charity events, concerts (Willie Nelson among them), and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. After first listing the property for $7.999M in November and taking the Hartland Mansion on and off the market couple of times, the owners are at it again with somewhat diminished expectations: $7.299M. Take a gander at the photos above: Curbed particularly appreciates the overwhelming number of Nutcracker figurines, the life-size Elvis cut-out in the power room, the wall-to-wall carpeting in the bathroom, and the enthusiasm for drapes in nearly every corner.

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