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Day 2, Round 1: Nadia Geller vs. Jenn Feldman

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Welcome to Hottest Week 2012, wherein Curbed pits hot (sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, spectacular, alluring, model-esque, and so on) architects, interior designers, and decorators against each other to determine once and for all who's the hottest of the hot. Stay tuned this week and next as the tournament unfolds. And let the games begin!

Nadia Geller founded her eponymous design firm in 2003 after honing her chops on the Visual Merchandising team at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC. Now based in Los Angeles, Geller, who's since been a regular on shows such as TLC's Trading Spaces and While You Were Out, admires folks like Kelly Wearstler. "She is a true artist and trend setter," says Geller, who describes her own aesthetic as "contemporary with a bit of vintage and antique elegantly added in."

A former fashion and beauty publicist, Jenn Feldman won Oprah's first-ever design contest in 2007 and continued on to launch Jenn Feldman Designs, her Los Angeles-based firm. Feldman, a proud reader of House Beautiful and an unabashed reader of US Weekly, loves "clean, classic lines mixed with bold color and texture, texture, texture." "I'm a modern traditionalist," she says, "and accessories are my religion." Accessories, and Jelly Belly jelly beans: they're Feldman's favorite food.

UPDATE: This poll has been closed as of noon EST on Wed., Aug. 15, 2012.

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