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Let Bonobos Pantsform You

How much of a difference can the right pair of pants make? See for yourself on and join the revolution by using the code Pantsform at checkout for 20% off on your first purchase.


Bonobos pants are designed to fit great, feel comfortable and look amazing. By matching the curve of the waistband to your waist, getting rid of sag and creating an athletic yet trim cut, your pants are sure to fit better and flatter where it matters. The result is a pair of pants that will get you noticed for all the right reasons, and take your entire wardrobe to a whole new level.

Ever put on a pair of pants and thought "wow, these look good?" If the answer is no, you probably haven't been wearing Bonobos. This fall, Bonobos is taking real guys and showing them the dramatic difference between wearing their average, everyday clothes, and wearing better-fitting Bonobos. The result is a powerful visual called Pantsformation.