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Here's a Peek Inside Kobe Bryant's Lavish SoCal Mansion

God bless the newly revamped New York magazine blog The Cut, which runs portraits of NBA players's wives all done up and, like, lounging on fur throws. The clothes are incredible, as are the coiffs and makeup, but it's the homes in the background that deserve a little love, too. Above, for example, Kobe Byrant's wife, Vanessa, poses inside their massive estate in the ritzy Newport Coast enclave of Newport Beach, Calif., not far from the two other homes they own in town.

During her interview with New York reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis, the Lady Bryant perches on "a black horseshoe-shaped couch on the palazzo outside of her pastel [...] mansion, the Pacific spread beneath her, a Pomeranian named Gucci at her feet." The Bryants—who were headed toward Splitsville earlier this year but called off the divorce in favor of giving it another go—bought this particular property for $1.7M in 1997; it's now valued at $4.6M. And it'll likely be all Vanessa's should the two eventually part ways.

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