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Here Now, an Nursery Inspired by the Lost Dharma Initiative

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Photos via M&J Collection

A couple of new parents named Monica and Joao are making waves on geek blogs like io9 today because they've gleefully eschewed stuffed puppies and ducky blankets for something far creepier: decor inspired by the former ABC show Lost and one of its main plot lines, The Dharma Initiative. Non fans can brush up on this by reading an appropriately confusing Wikipedia page; fans can read on.

Depending on how you count there are either 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, or 42 highlights of Monica and Joao's space, which they've chronicled on their personal blog: baby products and bedding branded with the octagonal Dharma Initiative logo, their own photo taken in "Desmond and Penny's style," an Oceanic Airlines blanket and toy mobile, one of Danielle Rousseau's maps, and a framed photo of "the island." There's also a super-cute Dharma Initiative onesie that sticks it to skeptics who might think the main thematic components of Lost—which is essentially about all the crazy, supernatural stuff that happens to a group of plane passengers after they crash onto an island in the middle of nowhere—have no place in a child's room.

Anyway, watch a time-lapse video of the nursery installation here:

The Video:

· Our baby nursery room—LOST/Dharma Theme [YouTube via io9]
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