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Who's the Greatest Modern Architect of Our Time?

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Welcome back to Friday Open Threads, wherein Curbed passes the mic to readers: let thy voices be heard in the comments section—and, please folks, fight fair. Have something you want discussed next week? Send it this way.

Today Freshome drops a list of the "10 greatest modern architects of our time." Given that it starts with Frank Gehry, the roundup is by no means objective—for one, Curbed can name a billionaire philanthropist and a outspoken arts organization that aren't Gehry's biggest fans. Also on the list is Zaha Hadid, who was much jabbed-at when she won the Stirling Prize last year.

In the spirit of healthy debate, today's Friday Open Thread asks: If one defines "modern" in this case as, say, the year 1900 on, who's the greatest modern architect of our time? Sound off in the comments.

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