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Australia's "Starship Enterprise" Seeks Star Trek Diehard

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As Curbed's seen before, Star Trek enthusiasts are an industrious bunch, even going as far as kitting out a one-bedroom apartment to look like the interior of the Starship Enterprise and fighting to keep it in divorce court. For that dedicated soul, here's a new opportunity: a Starship Enterprise-inspired home near Sydney, Australia. Listed for $10.5M, the please was designed to have "endless open space," as owner and rabid Star Trek fan Peter Chedid recently told the Wall Street Journal, and "has a cutting-edge design, but will last 100 hundred years." Inside the six-bedroom temple to futurism, a 10-person theater contains 120-inch projector screen and walls papered with a photo taken from the Hubble Telescope, as well as custom Italian furniture that's included in the sale price. Not a die-hard Trekkie? No worres: Chedid thinks the property will likewise appeal to "corporate types who work from home will appreciate the large study adjacent to the entrance lobby with spectacular ocean views."

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