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Just Outside Paris' City Center, an Elegant, Old-Timey Manse

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Welcome to House Porn Thurs, a joint effort between Curbed National and AOL Real Estate to provide distraction from the slog of an almost-finished work week with some lavish listings and over-the-top interiors. Have a suggestion for a worthy contender? Tweet #housepornthurs to @Curbed.

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Here now, a lavish hôtel particulier—the French version of a freestanding townhouse. Listed for €14.36M (just north of $18.5M), the 5,000-square-foot mansion is decked out with moldings and French doors, plus five bedrooms, a 1,000-square-foot terrace, something called a "vintage metal porch" just off the dining room, an elevator, a home theater, a poker room, and a temperature-controlled wine cellar. Not that you'd have any difficulty getting freeloading friends to visit, but here's an added impetus: each of the four secondary bedrooms is stocked with its own bathroom and walk-in closet.

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· Paris 75016, France [1stdibs]