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Inside the Bel-Air Manse Where the Spice Girls Were Born

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If you watched the Olympics closing ceremony and, say, wondered aloud how the planet Earth could produce the talented, otherworldly girl gaggle known as the Spice Girls, here's some insight: it was here, in this six-bedroom, 7,900-square-foot Bel-Air, Calif. mansion owned by former EMI Music president Ken Berry and its former vice chairman Nancy Berry. Curbed LA dug up a 1998 Independent article to explain: "It was on the Berrys' patio that five young women with a boom box choreographed their way toward a record contract." Anyway, the brokerbabble touts the property's vaulted ceilings, "old world charm," and status as a "romantic enclave," but with a $18.9M price tag (and an owner who once paid $42M to sign the Rolling Stones), you'd expect a few other, and certainly better, music urban legends.

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