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Michael Strahan Lists in L.A.; Intel on Alan Jackson's Estate

HERMOSA BEACH, CALIF.—Adding fuel to the rumor that he's set to become Kelly Ripa's next co-host at Live! With Kelly, former NFL star Michael Strahan has listed his West Coast home. Cue the move to the big city. [Curbed LA]

THE INTERNET—Though Craigslist's ugliness is essentially its trademark, if not its charm, a group on Kickstarter is hoping to raise $3,000 to launch a tool that would beautify the site. Not a bad idea, but from what Curbed's seen lately the housing section would need more than a pretty face to become even halfway normal. [Kickstarter via Curbed NY; previously]

SMITHVILLE, TENN.—In January, Curbed featured a Tennessee compound with a shingle-style main house, houseboat, helipad, and more. Turns out it belongs to country singer Alan Jackson, who wants $4.995M for the 3.5-acre lakeside property. [previously; Trulia Luxe Living]