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Qatar's Co-Op Reject of a Prime Minister Buys $47M House

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Earlier this spring, Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani, better known to stateside audiences as the Prime Minister of Qatar, was said to have made an attempt to purchase (and combine) the Fifth Avenue apartments of the late recluse Huguette Clark. Rejected by the co-op board at 907 Fifth Avenue, the prime minister looked briefly at a $90M penthouse in the not-yet-complete One57, but turned it down based on the low capacity elevator—in case you haven't caught on, this guy rolls with a huge entourage. So with co-op boards giving him the thumbs down and tall towers not adequate, the sheik settled, finally, on an over-the-top, 40-foot-wide townhouse on the Upper East Side, previously owned by the developer and voracious art collector Aby Rosen. The best part for the Qatari potentate? The townhouse is the cheapest of the three, coming in at a bargain basement $47M. Rosen paid just $15.65M back in 2007 and never moved in, preferring to throw parties there instead, before listing it for $75M. Something tells us he won't be disappointed with the sale price, despite a $27M discount. Click over to Curbed NY for more details and photos.
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