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Plot Twist! Married Couple Faces Off in Hottest Week Finals

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Here's a first: after nearly a week and a half of nail-biting matchups and crushing upsets, the two that remain to face off in the finals are Zack Sosne and Lindsay Joyce, partners in the Manhattan-based firm 3F Living and, as it turns out, husband and wife. The two met at the New York School of Interior Design—"yes, I met a man at interior design school," jokes Joyce—got hitched in 2006, and have since been featured as a married design duo on the HGTV show Small Space, Big Style.

When Curbed first talked to Sosne, he said that his ideal Saturday night involves "cooking and relaxing with my beautiful wife." Let's hope such starry-eyed bliss exists when this tournament draws to an end!

Update: poll has been closed as of noon EST on Monday, Aug. 27.